Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Twitter Reflection

After having used Twitter for awhile now I feel like I am able to give a justifiable assessment of it as a tool for educators. I think if it is used, and used in the correct manner it can be a great resource, it just boils down to actually taking the time to use it.  I will be very honest, I struggled to use it how it needs to be used for it to work effectively. I like technology but is has to be to the extent that I can use it and not feel overwhelmed or get bored with the information. With Twitter and the educators I was following, I felt like I got a mass over load of information, some great, some not so good, and got so much that it was overwhelming trying to keep track of who was a good person to really follow and who was not and it became a chore trying to read through all of the new posts trying to find the good information. When something becomes a chore and it is not something that is required, I don't do it. That is where I found myself with the assignment to follow Twitter this semester. It became a chore attempting to keep up with the information overload I was experiencing, so, I quit doing it. I think if I employed a tweet deck like Cyndi Danner-Kuhn I would have become more overwhelmed or simply annoyed with the stuff popping up all the time. So, my final thoughts on Twitter are that it can be a great educational tool if you have the patience or desire for it. For me, there are much more productive things I would rather be spending my time on so Twitter will not be something I will use regularly in the future.

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