Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Podcast Reflection #11: 0085 TCT – My document’s corrupted?!

For this podcast I decided to listen in on the Tech Chick Tips. Their topic of choice was one that I found very interesting. They discussed a tool that students will utilize to gain extra time on an assignment. The tool they are referring to is called document corrupter and it is a tool that you simply have to upload your document onto this website and it will corrupt the document so that when they send it to you and you open it, it won't work and they will get extra time to work on it as you will feel sorry for them for it now working. What a thought, a website that virtually buys you time on an assignment by tricking your professors into thinking there is something wrong. It scares me to know there are programs like this out there, but, I have to hand it to whoever made it because they are a genius. The Tech Chicks had a good idea to incorporate this website into the classroom, although I see it as a double edged sword, but that was to use it as a segue to discuss ethical dilemmas. Bring a sight such as this up and have them discuss whether it is right or wrong to employ such a tool. I feel like it gives the students the information for the sight and an excuse to use it and see if it works, but, that could just be me. I would say be careful with what you choose to do because that could come back and bite you in the butt.  This was a very informative podcast and one that I definitely gained insight on something I did not even realize was possible. Now I just have to make the ethical descision of whether to employ my new found knowledge or continue being the honest student I have been. Hmmm.... 

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