Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Podcast Reflection #12:0082 TCT – YouTube Plus

For my last podcast I dove in with the Tech Chicks once more. The tech chicks went over a variety of different websites that coincide with YouTube. One that I liked was called EmbedPlus. This website is a great tool that you can use to edit YouTube videos. You can upload the video to the site and then go in and edit piece by piece which parts of the video you want to use. I found this to be genius because most classrooms don't allow or have access to YouTube but you YouTube has a lot of great informational videos on it. So, with this website you edit the movie and then you can literally embed or send the information to a format or place that allows you to show it to the students. This would have been a wonderful tool to have before we did our middle school lesson because there was a video we found on YouTube that went perfectly with our lesson, but, the Middle School had YouTube blocked and the teacher was not comfortable with all of the content on the video. Had we been able to use this tool we could have edited the video to just show the sections we wanted and then been able to embed the video in our PowerPoint and show it to the students. A similar tool they highlighted was called TubeChop. The down side to using this over EmbedPlus is that you can only cut parts out of the beginning or the end. It allows limited editing so I would stick with EmbedPlus. These are both tools I can see myself using in my classroom in the future.

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