Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Wow Moment

My Wow Moment happened this semester when I made the change from a Google Site to my Weebly Site.  I was enjoying putting together my site on Google and I was liking how things were going but the more I tried adding to my site, the increasingly more difficult it became to organize everything and make my site look nice and professional. When CDK posted the links to the other sites that we could possibly use I tried all of them. When I started making a Weebly Site I knew I had a winner. The site was so easy to manage I began to wonder why CDK had us bother making the Google Sites to begin with. On Weebly, they have a drag and drop feature where you simply place what you are wanting on your page on there and then add it in. For instance, if you want to embed a video on the page, you drop in the edit html box on the page where were want it and then add the embed code and you are done. It was literally that simple. It was from that point forward that I started to really get into making my website professional and fun. I became very proud of the work I was doing and I wanted to put together a site that I would not be afraid to show to anyone, especially a future employer. I spent extra time on the weekends working with it and added in extra stuff to jazz up the home page and some of the alternative pages. Before I knew it, I had a website that I was showing off to everyone because I was that proud of it. I am that proud of it. I never thought I could make a professional looking product until I started using Weebly. So, I guess you could go out on a limb and say Weebly was my Wow moment. Wow this is easy and Wow this looks really good. I am absolutely proud of my website, and I hope you all take a second to stop and take a look. Leave some comments, let me know what ya think or what I can do to improve it. Now that I have had my Wow moment, I am ready to tackle any task to make my site a step above the rest to give me that leading edge with my future employer. Bring on the interviews.

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