Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Podcast Favorites

My Podcast Favorites? Well, this is a tough question because I struggled with the Podcasts if I am being 100% honest. I do not like listening to people sit and talk for a long time about stuff that I don't find overly interesting and most stuff dealing with education technology I do not find interesting. I am more interested in hearing about which welder works better, or which cattle breed is the best suited for Kansas climate. I enjoy stuff that other people, CDK in general would probably find boring. If I had to pick a podcast that I felt was something I could relate to or was directly applicable to me, it would Kevin Honeycutts podcast on Facebook Talk. The reason I really enjoyed this particular podcast is that it discussed cyber bullying and the digital legacy. First off, cyber bullying is becoming ever prevalent in todays society and is a problem that all of us professionals must be aware of and learn how to deal with. Even if you don't have a lick of technology in the classroom, the kids have it home, or on their phones or in the class before, and they are going to be utilizing it and if someone is getting picked on via a social network, it is going to end up in your classroom either way. We have to have teach our students the correct way to utilize these social networks like Facebook in a correct and responsible manner. The last thing I really liked was his statement on a digital legacy. Everything we put on the net has digital permanence to it and everyone, including our students and fellow professionals has to be aware of that. No one is exempt from this. We need to be cautious of everything we say and every picture we put it because it will always be there for someone to find and we need to make sure it is something worth finding. Out of all of the podcasts, that is the one I enjoyed and learned the most from.

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