Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Podcast Relfection #10: Story Chasers and more with Wesley Fryer

On this podcast with Kevin Honeycutt he discusses with Wesley Fryer about Story Chasers. The concept behind Story Chasers is using technology to document stories that are important to the people creating them. It has been used in several different ways and is something that we ourselves did in class and didn't realize it. When we did our VoiceThread assignment we were being Story Chasers without even knowing it. Our assignment was to find something in our history and to tell the story of it. I chose the Salt Mines in Hutchinson and I helped bring that story to life through media outlets on the internet and pictures and my voice. I told the story of the mines for someone who has never had the chance to experience them. Wesley Fryer stressed in the blog that when you are doing a digital story like I did you have the responsibility as a digital citizen to make sure what you are putting on your story is factual and to be a digital witness and to document and share wisely. Be creative, but make sure that what you are doing is factual and real because others are going to see your work and believe what you have to say so you need to steer them straight and be responsible about the information you are giving them. This is definitely something I would utilize in my classroom because after having done it for myself it is a great way to make a presentation that is out of the norm and a great way to put forth new information.

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