Thursday, May 5, 2011


Some of the technology tools that I am familiar with and plan on integrating into my curriculum are Animoto and VoiceThread. These two tools are incredible tools and I have already practiced implementing them into my curriculum and I will share with you the two items I have made. First off, Animoto is an amazing tool for introducing, or supplementing, a lesson that is being taught. Here is an example I made over the fire triangle and the different classes of fire.

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 This video highlights the main points of what I will be discussing in the lesson that day. It provides audio and visual stimulation that is different from the standard PowerPoint or lecture type lesson. This is a great UDL strategy and by illustrating the lesson it really helps those students who are ELL or Learning Disabled to be able to see visuals of what I am wanting them to learn in the lesson. Incorporating technology like this helps to keep all students engaged and gives the students with different learning styles a chance to catch the information in the way that they learn best.

The other technology tool I will employ as often as possible is VoiceThread. I love the idea of using VoiceThread because it can teach the students a lesson all by itself through pictures and my words. Essentially it allows me to teach a lesson without even having to be in front of the students. I have made an example VoiceThread with my partner Levi, that high lights a few of the different game species that Kansas has to offer. This falls under Wildlife Management in the section of Natural Resource Management.

VoiceThread is another tool that provides good UDL Strategy employment. Not only is VoiceThread is visual with the pictures but it is also audio as the students will be hearing what I record for the information I want them to learn on each picture. It can also be interactive which is good for the students. By allowing editing, each student can leave their own comments on any of the pictures in the lesson so I can get feedback or maybe so they can tell me something they learned from the lesson itself. This is a great tool and resource to take advantage of because they students can do it at school or in the comfort of their own homes and for some that gives them the comfort and courage to participate in a group activity that they might not otherwise be inclined to participate it.

Both of these tools are highly adaptable and are great tools to be utilized in the classroom. I hope that I can gain more knowledge on a few more useful tech tools that I can employ in my curriculum. The students of today are technology driven so it is important that I use that technology and try and reach them in a place that they are going to understand it best.

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