Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Podcast Reflection #9:Facebook Talk

This was a very interesting podcast and one that I could really understand. Kevin Honeycutt discusses with two guest some of the pro's and con's that Facebook and other social media has on students in this day in age. One of the main things they discussed was how Facebook can be used for cyber bullying which is becoming an every growing problem in todays society. One of the guest speakers made this comparison, "what used to be a note that was written out of haste in the moment and could be thrown away later, is now a public document that is online forever for not just one person to see, but 150 or more people to see." Bullying is not a new thing but social networking sites make it a more public and lasting thing and this can be really detrimental.  Kevin wanted to highlight on this because it is something that affects all students and in turn it will affect all of us as professionals  so we need to keep an eye on it and keep monitoring it. Another thing they wanted to highlight on is to make sure you are paying attention to what kind of digital legacy you are leaving. Everything you put on the internet is potentially permanent so it is imperative that people pay attention to the pictures they upload and the things they say because they will always be on there in some way shape or form and could come back to haunt you. Be very mindful of what you post so it does not come back to hurt you later in life. Kevin and his guest stressed at the end to not cut the social media out of your life, but, instead to just be careful how you use and what you put on it. This was a very good post and one that I found to be incredibly insightful.  

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